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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Ultimate 21st Century productivity tool...Easy n Fun!

Hi Team

Unwired List Manager v1.3: I'll never forget another list at home again!!!

Forgive the over-punctuation of the title, but I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. As an avid list-maker, I've become addicted to jotting down reminders for myself on my Windows Mobile device. Now, Unwired Software has created the ultimate cross-platform list making software and I simply cannot put it down.

"Honey, where's our shopping list?" has been a question I've asked my wife far too many times. The answer always varies slightly, but includes responses like "I have no idea," "I thought you had it," and -the most common- "I think it's still on the refrigerator at home."

Now this will never happen again because an enterprising company has created a "pervasive" list. That is, this list is available everywhere because you can sync on an unlimited number of desktops and handheld devices. When I first heard of this software, I thought "Oh no, it will be impossible to set up!" I couldn't have been more wrong. The software never even asks you to configure it. All you do is set up the users you'd like to use each list. The software takes care of everything else.

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