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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I was away...

Hi Team

As the lead in says "I was away". Yep took a week to be with my family. Met many family members that I hadn't had contact with for many years. Met one new bride and one new addition. Unfortunately I lost an aunt on the Sat 26th. It was nice to be with the family in their time of grieving. The up side was that I got to say a personal goodbye to her on Fri 25th.

So family tome over I hope to be back here posting again and putting some time in building the page content on

By posting and adding content I hope to give valuable and timely information about working from anywhere on the planet. Of course if you have a question, I would be happy to try to help. Just email me at

I would also love to have your comments and suggestions so please drop me a line.

Smiles :o)


Getting Smart About Smart Phones

Hi Team

Here is an interesting short article on smart phones by Elena Malykhina

of Information Week at

With the number of enterprise mobile data users expected to grow to 269 million by 2010, as forecasted by research firm Yankee Group, businesspeople will need reliable and functional mobile devices that can serve up everything they need while traveling. For this reason, smart phones are growing in popularity because they offer a choice of mobile operating systems and a range of applications they can support. Read on and take a poll to tell us which smart phones are most popular at your company.

Click here to read the smart phone article

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Home, Work, Cell, PC - ALL Calls FREE!*

Hi Team

Well our virtual team has decided to try Gizmo. (so far so good) Excellent quality,easy download, easy signup. Appearently if you include your land line and mobile numbers then Gizmo users can call them free as well. Kewl (awsome)

Downloads available for Windows, Mac, and Lnux.

Click here to check it out now! Gizmo project

Smiles :o)


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Fifth Generation Work - Virtual Organization

Hi Team

This blog post is a little more personal. I guess the reason is that I have been a part of a virtual team for the past month or two. There are to date about five members (both male and female) and our group objective is to learn and apply effective internet website building techniques while at the same time explore the marketing and sales side of the internet.

As a virtual team we draw on each others strengths and support each others weakneses. While all together we are learning about this very interesting and at times challanging world of Fifth Gen work. (Virtual Organization)

I will try to post to my blog interesting tidbits from time to time that we learn to deal with as a virtual team.

For example we are using Skype for our conference calls and one member of the group has been repetedly been getting dropped from the call.

So we have decided to explore other options. We shall see how the exploration process goes and I will update in a future post.

In the meantime I found this very interesting site ( which contains a bevy of information on Fifth Gen Work.

Click here to read about Fifth Generation Work Virtual Organization

Smiles :o)


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Friday, August 18, 2006

Are You on the Team?

Hi Team

Today I have been listening to Phil and Jason's podcast Show # 6: "Working Together While Apart (Virtual Teams)

Since just a few days ago when the rules of air travel changed and brought about the new reality of global travel, we steped closer to using technology to work from anywhere on the planet.

Click here to enjoy the podcast.

Smiles :o)


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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Experience the freedom to work from anywhere on the planet!!!

Hi Team

To night I set up an opt in page so that you can request my new "The Amazing Report".

Here is the link

Go there and request a FREE copy now (as there are only 47 FREE copies to be had)

The reason is very simple I wish to build a very valuable subcriber list in order to share even more valuable information on how today's technology CAN provide the freedom of lifestyle to work from anywhere on the planet.

So go get your copy NOW!!!

Read it carefully to begin your journey toward the freedom lifestyle that most people only dream of.

As one of my valuable subcribers you will continue to receive valuable information to assist you to achieve your work and life goals. (to achieve the freedom lifestyle)

The reason for the limited number is that I only need about 50 interested subcribers in my inner circle to share the journey.

That number may be expanded in future but don't bet on it. (more likely future opportunity to join the inner circle group will only be by invitation)

So go Now!!! and subcribe to get "The Amazing Report"

Additional details will be revealed but only to my very valuable subcribers (the inner circle group)

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Work is something you do, not somplace you go...

Hi Team

I just finished listening to Phil and Jason Montero's weekly audio radio show.

You just hafta go check this out. I used the theme of last week's show as a lead in to this post. The reason is simple. Listening to their show is a no brainer. They know technology and love to share their knowledge with others.

Click here and Check out Show # 4

Feel free to listen to the other shows that they have archived on the same page.

You may just become a regular listener like me....Kewl

Smiles :o)


Are we there yet?...

Hay Team

For any of us that have traveled with our kids the lead in should sound familiar.

What about the technology trip?

Let's check in with Rudy Maxa and read/listen to his comments on the topic.

RUDY MAXA: I write a lot, so I travel with a laptop. I carry a digital camera and a noise-canceling headset. And a Skype phone that lets me make nearly free calls anywhere in the world I can grab a high-speed connection. And I even broke down recently and bought a Blackberry.

Read/listen to Rudy's comments here

Smiles :o)


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Saturday, August 05, 2006

From the Google Library

Hay Team

I know that some of you are trying out Google Ad Words service to drive traffic to your site or your blog.

You may or may not be having the degree of success that you would desire.

Have you checked out the files in the Google library?

Well click here to enter The Google Library

I hope that you get some real valuable information here as these demos and

guides have been prepared by The Google Team themselves.


Smiles :o)


Tech Toys or Shoes?

Hi again Team

Here is an interesting blog post that I came across. It's about an Oxygen Network survey

that surveys what women want...Who Knew!

An Oxygen Network survey released Tuesday found that more than three out of four women said they'd choose the TV over a diamond solitaire necklace. Women preferred a top-of-the-line cellphone to designer shoes by a similar margin. And a little white iPod narrowly trumped a little black dress.

Read the entire post

Smiles :o)


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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wanna be...Virtual Assistant

Hay Team

Here is an interesting blog that turned up on the subject of being a virtual assistant.

And in particular how the new technology tools are making it possible

Click here to check out the post and bookmark the blog to your favourites list if you wish to follow future posts.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Smiles :o)